Padrinos Program

Because between two of us is better

Become a PADRINO and take your illusion.

With your collaboration you will impact their future in a positive way, in the development of their comprehensive and inclusive education provided by “La Gaviota”.

Make a difference in a couple minutes!

Being a Padrino of a child from La Gaviota is very easy

Each peso counts and becomes a possibility to improve the life of each child, in the exercise of children’s rights, such as quality education, health and well-being, healthy food, and rehabilitation, to count on Facilities and equipment that allow better mobility.

We have 3 options

Monthly donation

By agreeing to be a sponsor you agree to make a monthly payment.

Send email to [email protected] or call (55) 52 77 33 01 or (55) 5272 4609. Or contact Tania Zapata to authorize a recurring charge to your credit card, you will have a monthly charge from La Gaviota

Just one time

Click on any of these amounts and you can make your donation with any credit card.

Bank transfer

You can send your donation through our bank account

BANAMEX 5917247
SUC. 384
CLABE: 00 21 80 03 84 59 17 24 79


Sur 136 No. 24, Colonia América, C.P. 11820 Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México, CDMX

01 55 5277 3301

01 55 5272 4609

01 55 5271 1821