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La Gaviota

In December 1953, the Ladies’ Committee of Our Lady of Socorro, in cooperation with the Secretaría de Salubridad y Asistencia  (Ministry of Health and Assistance), inaugurated the kindergarten for the service of children in the area, run by the religious of that congregation.

In 1986 the property was donated to APAC (Association for People with Cerebral Palsy) and the therapy service for children with neuromotor disabilities began.

Likewise, in the 90s the teaching of groups to children with and without disabilities began, with a favorable response from the community, so little by little, through the improvement of the facilities, the number of children increased. of beneficiaries

In February 1996 APAC ceded its facilities and its population to a new patronage and the Centro de Estimulación Temprana La Gaviota IAP, was established, which joined the Secretaría de Educación Publica (Public Ministery of Education),  in 2008.

Currently services are provided to 60 children with and without disabilities annually from 1 to 10 years of age, through comprehensive and inclusive preschool education.



Provide preschool education and personalized language, physical and equine therapy to children from one to 10 years of age, 60% with neuromotor disorders and 40% of regular development to promote integration and inclusive education.


To be an efficient and sustainable institution in the field that provides both PREESCHOOL and REHABILITATION EDUCATION: to children of regular development and with some neuromotor disability, so that this integration allows children with disabilities to be able to enter a regular school and continue their journey towards independence and social inclusion.


La Gaviota

Honesty and transparency

Comply and respect what has been said, demonstrating congruence and consistency of our actions and commitment to the truth, respecting the rules that govern us and creating an environment of trust in the environment.


“Respond” for our actions with commitment and loyalty, consciously and voluntarily take charge of the fulfillment of our Mission and, with firm will, achieve our Vision.

Respect and equity

Recognize, appreciate and value the differences of ideas, positions and conditions among the members of our community, offering similar treatment without distinction and maintaining human dignity.

Attitude of service and solidarity

Provide the best of each of the members of our educational community and promote support from others, in accordance with our powers, competencies and possibilities, ensuring the respect and dignity of all those involved in an environment of collaboration and trust.

Efficiency, Efficacy and Quality

Ensuring the satisfaction of the needs and requirements of our students and parents that make up our educational community, rationally using available resources, under principles of permanent improvement.


Encourage active respect that enables interaction between individuals, which is enriched with the strengths of each member of our inclusive community.


Seeking to give everyone what is due, contributing to their dignity and respecting their rights. This value will be lived in the relationships between people and between the different groups that make up our society.

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